Hyderabad Marathon – Aug 2011

Well this is something of an anniversary post about my first distance run- The Hyderabad Marathon on 26th August 2011.

As expected I was put to test to say the least. I was practising with Gloria who was more athletic than me ensuring I was always pushing myself. We used to do a few runs a week but we were not nearly as structured as we should have been considering we were planning to run 21.1 km. The longest distance we did was around 13 km which will explain the pain I will describe a little further down the line. It didn’t help that a week before the run I was down with fever for a week and in bed for two days barely moving!!

The day of the run was interesting. Before we completed the first kilometer, Gloria had left me behind to run 20 km on my own. The first 13 km seemed fine and I finished it without slowing down to walk .

The rest seemed like hell.

After coughing and coughing from 13 km to 17 km, I got a back pain which felt like someone was trying really hard to kill me. It was probably the toughest stretch but I kept at, alternating between walk, run and hobble.

But the power of the human mind is incredible and as soon as I entered the stadium for the final stretch, I sprinted.

The pain that followed in my legs was something I had never experienced earlier or since. I could not sit, stand or lie down. However I had finished the run, and that along with the medal around my neck gave me a satisfaction and joy that dimmed the pain.

I was in pain for a few days and I didn’t run for a while again. But I knew that I had only started the journey in breaking my limits.



Marathon time again!

Come April and it will be time for another interesting trip- Corbett National Park. The Corbett Marathon is on April 7th and it’ll time to test, again, whether I can outrun myself. I have set the slightly ambitious target of 1:45 to finish the 21.1 km stretch.

Training hasn’t started fully yet and no I don’t look like I’m really going to hit target. The challenge is motivating and so is the fact that I will have company for this craze!

Upcoming … The Mumbai Marathon debrief (a very late one).

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Need To RUN!

I am lazy.

There, I said it. Every now and then I get stuck in a rut and it is so tough to get out. But Now I really need to run! Why? In less than a month I hope to complete 42 KM in somewhat humid weather in a crazy city called Mumbai. Yes I am one of the thousands who on January 15th 2011 will try to complete the Mumbai Marathon.

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 There is however a huge hurdle to cross before that day. It’s a large land body surrounded on all sides by water and has all kinds of fun things to do! It’s called Australia and I hope to have a CRAZY time there over 3 weeks! The question lingers, do I continue running 10 milers while hoping to see as much of Australia as possible?

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