The train to another world (late post-stupid phone)

Yet another dramatic title with probably no story to back it up. On the train, yes. New world, not yet.

We reach Chennai tomorrow morning and from there fly to the gateway to south east Asia, Malaysia! It is my second longest holiday in less than a year and people have asked me questions ranging from Are you that rich (I wish!) to don’t you work at all (I wish I didn’t have to!).

Having planned this for almost a year, it is crazy fulfilling to finally get cracking.

To the new world, oh brave ones. 


Fly truly Asian

Air Asia. The most amazing flying experience ever. Chennai to Kuala Lumpur in 3 hours 45 minutes. I was expecting the worst but realized it wasn’t too bad. Except for the fact that MJ, who is a giant, looked like he had just been put in box, it seemed quite comfortable.

Until I woke to the feeling that we were hurtling toward the ground! Aaaahhhh!! Then a voice came from the intercom and the pilot reassured us that we were only APPROACHING KL. Still thinking we were on a scary ride, I waited for the worst. What came next was one of the smoothest landings ever. And then we walked out free men into Malaysia!!


Yes that’s the colorful flight in the background.


After the second picture we were duly chased away. Bloody tourists!!

First mission baggage. Was we got that we were about to go to McDonalds when Naga realized he lost his camera!! ūüė¶
After trying for a while to figure out where we could get it we just headed to junk food haven. A Mega Mac later I was ready to take on the world.


Taking the world on didn’t happen but sleeping budget style did. Good night.



The Sound of Change

Just came across this on stumbleupon & it’s pretty incredible. It’s a year old but it still goes to show how trends change but keep circling back. We all need inspiration from somewhere don’t we? This is¬†5 Seconds of Every #1 Billboard Hot 100 Hit From 1993-2011!

Not only does this show music has changed over the years but it pretty much gave me a rewind of my life! I could relate to so many of these (not that I am a mega music buff, but yes I listen to songs) and feel like I just traveled through time.

Ah, music and its inexplicable hold over our minds (even if scientists manage to explain it, I am sure no one wants to listen).


A milestone, literally.

One of my objectives after starting my blog was to get my words across the “www” to as many people as possible. No, I don’t claim to have great blogs which thousands should read everyday (though that be nice!). 1000 views by end of 2012 was my target. And after being a lazy slob and not writing anything for a couple of months, voila, 1000 turned up! It’s definitely a good feeling and drives me to write and share more. It also gives me a better idea of how powerful a blog can actually be. There are the insanely awesome ones which are folowed by thousands and millions of people. It goes to show the incredible power of the internet and how ideas can spread like wildfire through it. Think Egypt, think fundraising for charities supporting various causes, think viral videos, Justin Bieber and what not!

I need a new target now. Maybe 5000 views and “x”¬†number¬†of¬†subscribers¬†by the end of 2012.

One week to a lifetime!

In one weeks time I should be off with a bunch of friends (mostly people I have never met, so more exciting) to three new countries. Two actually considering that we’ll spend a day in Malaysia. But a week in Laos and Thailand respectively should be an¬†experience¬†I’ll carry for a long time. Hopefully I won’t be as lazy as I have been in the last few months. And I am absolutely sure I will have stories to write with pictures to show. It’s going to be rough and gruff, a budget backpacking trip to the fullest! Can’t wait!!

Champions League Final Photos

Champions League Final Photos

Pain and elation captured through some great pictures

Champions League Final Photos

Pain and elation captured through some great pictures

Women, the reason we live

Yes, a dramatic title for a post which is a day late (yesterday was Women’s Day), the excuse being that every day is Women’s day. It’s great that we celebrate a day exclusively for these great people, but the very fact that they need a day should remind us that there is a lot to be done to achieve equality. All through life we meet and get to interact with women and men who shape us and show us a path. The women tend to do so with a little extra emotion and attachment.

I come from a family of boys. My mom was stuck with 5 boys- my dad, my three elder brothers and me. This explains why even today I have “foot in mouth” instances with my friends who are of the “fairer sex”. I have learnt lessons along the way, though tough ones. Some of my best friends today are women and they tend to be more caring (the guys just laugh when you get hurt), more¬†empathetic¬†but also more emotionally demanding… seems like a fair equation.

It’s fair to say that humanity will cease to exist if women are gone (apparently it doesn’t work the other way around, men can be done away with!). Despite the¬†obviousness of this fact it’s amazing how men continue to undermine the capabilities that women have. It’s worse when women undermine themselves.

This post wasn’t really very well thought out (yes, it’s pretty obvious). It was just meant to be a reflection of my thoughts on my relationships with some of the most important women in my life. There was a video which I did a few years ago for a friend. It was an interview around what women meant to us. If I find it I will post it here (it’s pretty fun, if only for my awesome hairstyle!).

Here’s to women, who make our every day better- mothers, sisters, friends, girlfriends, wives, nannies, any other relationship you can think of. Thanks for giving every person life and a reason to live.

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