Trying to get back into the world of writing

It’s been a while since I wrote, just anything. I don’t mean my status updates or things to do with work. Just letting out words, thoughts. There are too many welled up right now and hence the decision to start this blog.

I guess I should keep this brief. What do I feel right now? Some frustration that I am constantly working without apparently getting forward, excitement that I will soon be in Australia, anxiety that my visa application might be rejected and I might actually NOT be in Australia, a desire to meet old friends, and what not.

I guess this should let out some steam. Also my dad should be in town tomorrow and I will get some lessons in keeping life simple, which according to my well-traveled dad is the secret to happiness.

I shall hopefully be back with another post soon. A more detailed one.


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Moving to the new town

Well, it wasn’t that hard and definitely not heartbreaking but I did feel a little lonely when I landed in the new town that was to be my home for a while. I was leaving Chennai\Madras\City I had lived in for almost all my life and moving to Hyderabad. Reason for hometown betrayal? A huge multinational firm called Google had asked me to join its fold. The lure of a new life and the experience of working with THE search guys proved irresistible. I flew to Hyderabad in a propeller jet, ATR-72 I think, a new experience in itself. Small and shaky the plane seemed to tell me that my taking flight would not be without turbulence.
Awaiting me in Hyderabad was my chauffeur for the evening. Or so I thought. A few calls later, it turned out the gentleman was waiting at a totally different location and the fact that neither spoke a common language didn’t help much. Eventually we did manage to pull off the multilingual challenge. I then arrived at Luxor Inn, my home for the next two weeks. I hit the sack at around midnight hoping to catch a few hours of sleep before heading to my new office..

Next post.. First day at work and the days that followed

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It s a very funny world we live in. People think about so many things, and then come up with big words to explain life and make it more complicated than it need be. I just read some guy write somewhere ” In the current world order, we are living in a hostile climate moderated by a bunch of capitalist bigwigs” Current world order? Hostile climate? Capitalist bigwigs? Why is it that people think so much and bring about this huge blast of baloney and then write blogs about it. Do they think that their thoughts have to be ‘intellectual’ and ‘vividly complex’ to be accepted by people. After all what did the capitalist bigwigs do to this chap. Pay up or Die??
Its so sad that people are always told to think big and almost never to think simple. Probably thats one of the main problems with the ‘current world order’. Simplicity in thinking can bring about great things. Whats the use of bringing about all these thoughts. Do they actually make life better and worth living. Or does it drive people to their death because they cannot comprehend the magnitude of what they have taken up. Wouldn’t it be better if we just thought for our lives and got on with them. This my friend would say is the current world order. But isn’t that all we need.
For certain matters in life and death are too big for our puny little brains to handle. Thats why we cannot give ‘logical’ explanations for so many things around.
Thats it enough thinking for the day. This isn’t exactly what I proposed to write. I even wonder if it make sense.

Im thinking too much…….

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The Slow Way

The life of humans nowadays is compared to a rat race. Everybody wants to win, get to the top in a jiffy, no matter who they trample down in the process.

Now, what if a person had to prepare for this in an educational institution located in the heart of nature, away from the sirens and congestions of modern society. Would he laze away or would he or she given the chance topple the rat with the urban advantage.
Though there are chances and occcurances of both, the latter is more probable.
Life and with it the process of learning has always been pretty tedious on young minds, the race sometimes even making this tediousness a matter of life and death. The student who lives and studies with nature around him has relatively more peace than the one with the droning of traffic and the pollution thick air. The advantages that nature gives a student are numerous, one of the critical ones being the ability to understand that life needn’t necessarily be a move at the speed of light to be good .
It is this revelation which allows the human in the person to blossom. The ‘ habitants ‘ of the jungle learn that whatever they might take up ,they would still be the best. They learn that there is more to life than just a climbing up peak after peak. We need our times in the valleys and meadows too, for the higher we go, the less air we breathe. Preparations for the climb must include this awareness. For some would try the climb at a pace that would damage the body and mind, thus not leading them to the top, but only through them off the precipice.
We all need time to stop think, turn back and realize what we re doing. Well now that im done writing something in my first blog, I better get back to the jungle.
Its time to peace out and unlearn the urgency which the rat race has instilled in me.

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