Hyderabad Marathon – Aug 2011

Well this is something of an anniversary post about my first distance run- The Hyderabad Marathon on 26th August 2011.

As expected I was put to test to say the least. I was practising with Gloria who was more athletic than me ensuring I was always pushing myself. We used to do a few runs a week but we were not nearly as structured as we should have been considering we were planning to run 21.1 km. The longest distance we did was around 13 km which will explain the pain I will describe a little further down the line. It didn’t help that a week before the run I was down with fever for a week and in bed for two days barely moving!!

The day of the run was interesting. Before we completed the first kilometer, Gloria had left me behind to run 20 km on my own. The first 13 km seemed fine and I finished it without slowing down to walk .

The rest seemed like hell.

After coughing and coughing from 13 km to 17 km, I got a back pain which felt like someone was trying really hard to kill me. It was probably the toughest stretch but I kept at, alternating between walk, run and hobble.

But the power of the human mind is incredible and as soon as I entered the stadium for the final stretch, I sprinted.

The pain that followed in my legs was something I had never experienced earlier or since. I could not sit, stand or lie down. However I had finished the run, and that along with the medal around my neck gave me a satisfaction and joy that dimmed the pain.

I was in pain for a few days and I didn’t run for a while again. But I knew that I had only started the journey in breaking my limits.



Gotta pick up Papa


Since I never really studied away from home or stayed away for too long, my dad never actually “visited” me. Well there’s a first for everything and one fine Saturday morning, the Charminar Express got papa on this “first visit”, to Hyderabad. The look of joy he had when I met him at the station made my day and made the waking up at 7 am on a weekend worth it . After showing off my newly learnt Hindi bargaining skills (still couldn’t get the auto guy to go down below 50), we arrived at my abode, Skill Skylight 102.

The desire to show that I had learnt my lessons right got into play and I started on the ‘will you have some tea’ routine. The answer was yes obviously (papa loves tea and keeps drinking it when he gets a chance). I then I realised, no milk (and yes barely anything at all in the fridge). Maybe I wasn’t all that grown up after all 😀

Breakfast followed, as did conversations and also a lot of quiet. More tea and time for his morning meditation and Bible time.

Welcome to Hyderabad, Mr. Thankamony.

Update: 3 cups of tea in 2.5 hours

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Moving to the new town

Well, it wasn’t that hard and definitely not heartbreaking but I did feel a little lonely when I landed in the new town that was to be my home for a while. I was leaving Chennai\Madras\City I had lived in for almost all my life and moving to Hyderabad. Reason for hometown betrayal? A huge multinational firm called Google had asked me to join its fold. The lure of a new life and the experience of working with THE search guys proved irresistible. I flew to Hyderabad in a propeller jet, ATR-72 I think, a new experience in itself. Small and shaky the plane seemed to tell me that my taking flight would not be without turbulence.
Awaiting me in Hyderabad was my chauffeur for the evening. Or so I thought. A few calls later, it turned out the gentleman was waiting at a totally different location and the fact that neither spoke a common language didn’t help much. Eventually we did manage to pull off the multilingual challenge. I then arrived at Luxor Inn, my home for the next two weeks. I hit the sack at around midnight hoping to catch a few hours of sleep before heading to my new office..

Next post.. First day at work and the days that followed

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