Lots of things

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on my bog. I don’t see any of my 9 followers complaining though 🙂

A lot has happened since my last post- I have grown in my job, got a new apartment in Singapore, visited Vietnam for an ultimate frisbee hat tournament, attended and kind of ran my best friends wedding AND I got married!! And a new year cam by! I also made new friends and what not. So yes, lots of things.

Oh I also ran a few more runs including my second full marathon

I think each of these deserves a separate post and I will follow up with these. Life is becoming more interesting.


Singapore La

Moving to Singapore is an interesting experience, especially when its from Hyderabad! Its a reasonably big city, a small country, a small CBD with what seem like multiple suburbs all rolled into one. It also has an ethnic mix which is, to say the least, interesting. But what I liked about Singapore was the efficiency. They have managed to get to a new level in this city. Very impressive.

It started with the 2 minute immigration, continued with the 30 minute EP process, furthered by 20 minute bank account opening and was sealed with the 10 minutes acquisition of the new post paid phone number. The MRTs and other efficiencies don’t need to be mentioned.

Another love aspect for me is the large number of sport options. Easy and no hassle.

I will get to work and other things in another post, till then take care laah!

Getting a kick out of it

A few weeks ago I started on a new mission- learn kick boxing. The end objective here was very clear, learn to kick ass, with style & poise. The style & poise is yet to come but the pain has definitely arrived.  Any assumptions that I was somewhat fit because I ran a full marathon took wings pretty quickly.

Kick boxing like any other martial art is one where you respect your opponent. It starts off with greeting and after that moves into some serious business. The first day was non-technical (no kicks, punches, sparring- only inflicting pain to self) and involved a non-stop workout for 1 hour. At the end of that I had done more crunches and push-ups than I had in the last two months. Next day sitting down was a problem.

Some days have passed by and I have improved but it will  need dedication and practice to get all my kicks (round house, front, side, side front, left, right, WHAT NOT) & punches right!

Everyone loves kung fu fighting, but I definitely am loving kicking boxing too.

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