Last MRT home


Surprising how empty the train looks at Haborfront at 23:50!!


Lots of things

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on my bog. I don’t see any of my 9 followers complaining though 🙂

A lot has happened since my last post- I have grown in my job, got a new apartment in Singapore, visited Vietnam for an ultimate frisbee hat tournament, attended and kind of ran my best friends wedding AND I got married!! And a new year cam by! I also made new friends and what not. So yes, lots of things.

Oh I also ran a few more runs including my second full marathon

I think each of these deserves a separate post and I will follow up with these. Life is becoming more interesting.

Singapore La

Moving to Singapore is an interesting experience, especially when its from Hyderabad! Its a reasonably big city, a small country, a small CBD with what seem like multiple suburbs all rolled into one. It also has an ethnic mix which is, to say the least, interesting. But what I liked about Singapore was the efficiency. They have managed to get to a new level in this city. Very impressive.

It started with the 2 minute immigration, continued with the 30 minute EP process, furthered by 20 minute bank account opening and was sealed with the 10 minutes acquisition of the new post paid phone number. The MRTs and other efficiencies don’t need to be mentioned.

Another love aspect for me is the large number of sport options. Easy and no hassle.

I will get to work and other things in another post, till then take care laah!

The train to another world (late post-stupid phone)

Yet another dramatic title with probably no story to back it up. On the train, yes. New world, not yet.

We reach Chennai tomorrow morning and from there fly to the gateway to south east Asia, Malaysia! It is my second longest holiday in less than a year and people have asked me questions ranging from Are you that rich (I wish!) to don’t you work at all (I wish I didn’t have to!).

Having planned this for almost a year, it is crazy fulfilling to finally get cracking.

To the new world, oh brave ones. 

Fly truly Asian

Air Asia. The most amazing flying experience ever. Chennai to Kuala Lumpur in 3 hours 45 minutes. I was expecting the worst but realized it wasn’t too bad. Except for the fact that MJ, who is a giant, looked like he had just been put in box, it seemed quite comfortable.

Until I woke to the feeling that we were hurtling toward the ground! Aaaahhhh!! Then a voice came from the intercom and the pilot reassured us that we were only APPROACHING KL. Still thinking we were on a scary ride, I waited for the worst. What came next was one of the smoothest landings ever. And then we walked out free men into Malaysia!!


Yes that’s the colorful flight in the background.


After the second picture we were duly chased away. Bloody tourists!!

First mission baggage. Was we got that we were about to go to McDonalds when Naga realized he lost his camera!! 😦
After trying for a while to figure out where we could get it we just headed to junk food haven. A Mega Mac later I was ready to take on the world.


Taking the world on didn’t happen but sleeping budget style did. Good night.



One week to a lifetime!

In one weeks time I should be off with a bunch of friends (mostly people I have never met, so more exciting) to three new countries. Two actually considering that we’ll spend a day in Malaysia. But a week in Laos and Thailand respectively should be an experience I’ll carry for a long time. Hopefully I won’t be as lazy as I have been in the last few months. And I am absolutely sure I will have stories to write with pictures to show. It’s going to be rough and gruff, a budget backpacking trip to the fullest! Can’t wait!!

Downstream Dandeli

A few weeks ago a bunch of us had gone to Goa and decided that a visit to Dandeli was a must. The reason behind this absolute conviction was the Kali river and the white water rafting adventures it offered.  A very bumpy ride through the western ghats could have diminished anyone’s enthusiasm but luckily for us, the adventures were worth every crack in our rented Maruti Swift’s axle. The river was beautiful and when we  were asked to jump into the river (to practice rescues) during the little training session that we had, no one thought twice. After reluctantly returning to the raft we started our 9 km expedition.

The  rapids aren’t very difficult and on the “International Scale of River Difficulty” go to a maximum of “Class 3”. This translate into “Waves numerous, high, irregular; rocks; eddies; rapids with passages clear though narrow, requiring expertise in maneuvering; scouting usually needed. Requires good operator and boat.”

I  had a brush with death when I went overboard and went down…to all of 4 feet! As I discovered from experience, the river isn’t too deep but has a very rocky layout and can hurt in case you aren’t equipped, either with the right gear or the right experience.

A great experience and something everyone can enjoy. You don’t really need to know how to swim, but you need to be smart enough to keep your life jacket tightly fitted.

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